Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just in: Anniversary party was a huge success!

If you didn't come to the party you missed out!


The band, Zuzo Blue was fantasitc!!! If you need a great band look up http://www.zuzoblue.com!

Kalie and I danced with wreckless abandon! The crowd screamed when she threw her sweater into the crowd! Wooo woo!

Why does it always seem to end this way?

The cast of characters were familiar: they were friends, family and acquaintances. No one seemed out of place nor did the events cause alarm. But as I tumbled through my dream into the morning I was disappointed. Why do I always have to wake up?

At first the memory was so vivid. Remnants of conversations rested on my tongue as well as the sounds and emotions from conversations that I had. But as I sit to write this I can't recall a single part of my dream.

Psychologists and Bible characters tell us that dreams can be interrepted: dreams can be a portal into our psyche. While I can't deny that claim, if it is true then I need serious psycho therapy. My dreams would scare Wes Craven.

Utopia is a place I visit when my body and mind take a break. I do not fear it nor do I think before falling into slumber "where will my dreams take me tonight?" But off I go, each night, into a surreal kind place. And I hate waking up.

When my eyes adjust to the morining light and the clock reminds me that it's time to wake up, I am filled with a bitter disappointment. The whole affair, the entire sum of my night's work is just a dream.

In those brief moments before sleep completely leaves me I desperately try to rush back. Although I know it's fruitless, I put all my effort into it just the same.

As I make my way to the bathroom, put on my morning clothes, my mind tries to recapture every memory before it completely fades away. And then it's gone.

No matter what I do it always ends the same way. My only solace, what I know to be true: it happens all over again tonight.