Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Abbott family name continues...sort of

On August 4, 2010 the name of Abbott is given a reprieve. Marcos Ramon Abbott is born.

In my family until this day I was the lone provider of children. By choice or circumstance, my three kids have been the only children to exist on my side of the family.

When my brother Paul married Sonsoles Fdelapuente in August of 2009, we entertained the possibility of adding to the cousin/nephew/grandchild population.

The result? Marcos Ramon Abbott
Fernande delapuente. That's his Spanish name.

Meeting little Marcitos (he's named after my younger brother Mark and Sonsoles' father, Jose Ramon) was amazing! He's such an animated child. He connects with people, he's happy, only fusses when something is wrong, which isn't very often.

Paul and Sonsoles are doing a great job raising their little boy.

We all got a good dose of Marcitos prior to Christmas. They arrived in the states on December 8th. There was NO way we could wait till December 26 to see them (okay, Marcitos) so we arranged a gathering at my brother Mark's house.

Brenna got some great photos, Jo (my sister) got some great videos and we all fell madly in love with this new little Abbott.

His mom speaks Spanish to him and his dad speaks English. When all is said an done he'll also speak French, the language his parents use to really communicate.

The best Christmas present we could have is that it appears the family will be settling in San Diego as Paul has a job waiting there for him. Right now an airline ticket costs $268.

Look out hometown, I'll be seeing you soon!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Smile when your heart is aching

Last week I heard some sad news from two dear friends. The "C" word is the culprit.

When my mom discovered a tiny lump in her breast a few years ago, she hustled right away to get treatment. Her cancer is gone. But her activism is not. She teaches a laughter class at the senior center in her town. My siblings and I kind of laugh at this, which is not the point of her teaching laughter classes. It's a serious thing, if that kind of thing is allowed in laughter class.

If you Google 'Laughter Class' you'll soon discover that this form of education is not a joke. Laughter classes is downright serious!

My mom must be pretty good at teaching this class. She's got the weirdest laugh. Admittedly I was rather embarrassed by it when I was in Junior High, okay, in grade school. Two incidents stick out in my mind: The San Diego Zoo field trip when she saw the Kookaburra. Not only did she SING the song about the Kookaburra, but then she laughed that loud, embarrassing laugh.

Then fast forward, with many other forgotten examples in between, to 10th grade. I was in the showmanship ring with my sheep. During the quiet judging of my ability I could hear that laugh wafting down towards the ring. Somewhere, up in the stands my mother was laughing her head off about something.

Apparently there is a lot of research about how laughter does promote healing. David in the Bible said that laughter (or a merry heart) was like medicine. If anyone knows that, I am sure David would.

When people I love suffer I want to fix it. Yet I have a long list of failing when it comes to performing miracles. Yet I still offer prayers to God and offer love and a shoulder to my friends.

I am not laughing right now as I think about the pain and suffering that may await my friends. Praying for healing and planning to walk through this journey WITH them.....but when your heart is heavy it doesn't seem like laughter is the best line of defense.

Or is it? I think it's time I learned more about my mom's laughter class.

Monday, December 6, 2010

A dream is a wish your heart makes

A year ago this week (December 12 to be exact) my heart was made full with the arrival of Roxy.

I don't remember a time when I didn't want to be the owner of a Jack Russell Terrier. Not a Parson Russell, although they are the diluted brand of the same dog.

Wanting and owning one were two different things as Jacks need space to run and play - something I was not able to offer.

Then Ruth bought Jessica a little ball of Jack Russell fluff and Lulu became the lust of my desire. Dreams that I'd long ago set free came back to taunt and tempt me.

Mid-November I met "Rachel." She was a breeding female (bitch to you dog people) at a very nice kennel in Woodinville, Washington. Deals done and transfer complete Rachel is renamed Roxy and with my sweet husband's permission we added a female dog to our duo of boys.

Now a year later I walk 2 miles a day and look for places to go play ball. Fetch is Roxy's favorite pastime. I discovered a nice dog park in McMinnville - 20 minutes away. What a great place for us all to play!!! New training opportunities, new friendships...TONS of fun. And fetch.

A few months ago I heard that our local recreation organization was opening a dog park. Since Wade has connections (he's on the city council) I soon was the keeper of all the details.

Admittedly I did harass the Chehalem Park and Recreation staff.

On Thursday afternoon I saw the notice on CPRD's facebook page. Friday morning Jim McMaster phoned me with the good news.

Saturday at 9 am we (Fonzy, Murphy and Roxy and I) made our first visit. We went back later that afternoon. We arrived again on Sunday. Have already made friends with 'Tuckers' parents and little girls - Hazel and Violet. I love the dog park! <3

When my children were young I loved playing with them Of course fatigue kept me from giving them my all - and all the housework that lay before me.

In the time I wait to have grandchildren I am enjoying this dream come true.

Happy Anniversary Roxy!

Wind and the new dog park

'Leaves racing down the road with reckless abandon.'

'Frolicking like children without adult supervision the leaves swirled and tumbled in the wind.'

I love wind. Wind makes me happy. Growing up in Southern California is the culprit for this affinity. As I child I remember the warm Santa Ana winds that invaded our yard, but rather than leaves it was tumbleweeds that danced out in the barn yard. I loved the warm air that captured your breath and added strength to it's force. Nothing bad really happened during the Santa Ana winds: except the year our Avocado tree fell.

So this past Saturday was especially wonderful as the winds in Newberg kicked up to blow away the remaining leaves from the trees and dry up the wet ground. It was a perfect day to inaugurate the new dog park in Newberg. The wind was colder than the Santa Ana winds but my breath left me several times, the lagging leaves danced and the dogs had fun.