Funny things

My friend Sarah just told me the funniest thing: One of her RA's told her that today when she was writing a paper her computer program auto-corrected the word 'and' to be 'moist panties.'

Isn't that hilarious!?

Last weekend I made Wade laugh so hard he almost threw up. I was doubled over on the floor, couldn't breath.

Early in the evening we were discussing our activities for the weekend. Of course, sex came into the conversation.

As the evening progressed I told Wade that I was kind of tired and that perhaps another night might be better. You know, I'd be more into it. Somehow we got into a discussion about the timing...I think Wade was hoping for a little Friday night delight.

So as we went into the bedroom I said: "Well, may I could do you, and then you could do me, then I could do you and you could do me." We laughed pretty hard at that.

And then I looked over at Murphy who was quietly licking his doodad on our bed.

So I said, "Or, we could be like Murphy and do ourselves."

10 minutes later I could stand.

It still makes me chuckle today.

I bought myself a purple Sing-a-majig. It sings Oh My Darling Clementine.

Throughout the day nothing makes me happier than to get my husband to laugh really hard. It usually happens at least once a day.

I wanted to throw eggs at my boss's car today. I had the eggs. He drove by me. I was in a bad mood.