Thursday, June 24, 2010

Have you ever wondered?

This past few days has been crazy for me. Good crazy, but crazy. I've had a pretty easy schedule for the last several months. I am not busy. My life is full but I am not busy.

I measure my busyness by how busy I was when the kids were in grade school through high school. Once they all entered college, marriage and the work force, by life has slowed down to a pretty awesome pace.

But this week I had out-of-town guests. Granted, it was great to see both sets of them. It had been over 20 years since we saw the last one. He was an MK in Ukarumpa the last time we saw him. Now he is a successful engineer, husband, and father. Although we barely knew him: He was a senior when we arrived to PNG; being with him was really easy. Conversations flowed and we enjoyed getting to know his wife and kids.

Hence the question: Have you ever wondered why some past relationships pick up where they left off? That's how it was with Chris. And there was an instant connection with his wife, Kristin. I loved her immediately! And his kids - same thing.

I know why this is the case with some people. But although I liked Chris, he wouldn't fit into my explanation. It's no surprise why this phenomenon happens with, let's say Jill Schmidt, or Cathe Wiese. But Chris? I'm pleasantly surprised.

Wade has a theory about how we make connections with people. I'll have to ask him to write it out sometime so I get the little nuances right, but basically he says that each one of us emits a sound. It's a silent sound that no one hears but it does send a wave of sound of some kind. If your sound hits someone else with a harmonic sound then the two of you will be good friends. If the sound is not so harmonious then you will be at odds with that person. I said, I'll have him write it out.

So I guess that is what I was wondering about. I don't have to understand it. But I do like it.

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JereAnn said...

Here's Wade's explanation:

My theory, as crazy as it may sound, goes like this.

Everything in the universe is made of atoms, which make up molecules. We know that molecules move or vibrate. This is how microwaves work. The wave causes the molecules to vibrate more rapidly, which emits heat, thus warming up your food.

When things vibrate, air is displaced. When air is displaced it creates a sound wave (like the buzz of a bee). Therefore, in essence, everything emits a very unique sound signature by the vibration of its molecules.

We know from music that certain sounds (notes) have a harmonic resonance whereas others don't (e.g. A 1st, 3rd, 5th combo). Could it be that by the nature of our physical makeup we each emit a unique sound signature, and that this "note" tends to harmonize with other human notes and not with others? And could this be why we are naturally attracted to certain people and not to others? I have no clue, but it's interesting to think about.