Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's a new year with new possiblilites

That week between Christmas and New Years always freaks me out. It's like there is something that needs to happen that changes everything. Maybe that feeling comes from the whole Y2K thing or memories of something from childhood. Maybe it is the knowledge that we have to get our taxes filed.

Either way, I tend to feel a sense of dread.

For the past 53 years nothing out of the ordinary happens. I wake up January 1 to face a holiday of some sorts. It is usually spent cleaning house and getting ready for the work week.

This year was no exception. There is a sense of disappointment at the coming of the 2012 new year. I think we were promised in several movies from the 70's that we would be driving around in the air by 2012. Our mode of transportation would be something right out of 2010 space odyssey. Heck, we aren't even CLOSE to that!

Despite the new and old disappointments, I want to wish my friends a happy new year. Who knows? Maybe the flying car is just around the corner!

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