Friday, August 19, 2016

Not a laughing matter

Omran Daqneesh. His 'home' was bombed in Aleppo. I feel helpless when I think of the horror happening around the world.

My friend posted these words from another friend:
We get compassion fatigue with the breadth of tragedy around the globe. It's hard/impossible to enter into it all. But I do know that wherever there is suffering, wherever there is misery, wherever there is pain, Jesus is present--grieving, weeping, suffering alongside. Muslim, Christian, gay or straight, young or old, Jesus grieves in the suffering of the world. May what breaks the heart of Christ break our hearts. May we also trust that when we cannot summon up another tear or prayer for this violent world that Jesus stands in the gap for us with tears, hope, long-suffering love and presence. Jesus holds all the suffering and despair and all the hope and joy in the world in nail-pierced hands. (Sarah Thomas Baldwin)

When I am consumed with my trivial problems, Omran's sweet face comes into my mind and I weep inside for his lost innocence. I let go of my little problems and remember that in other parts of the world there are people, children, suffering from so much tragedy. God help them.

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