Friday, August 7, 2009

The countdown.....

Time is passing and we leave for Seattle in less 48 hours.

Packing is done...but only in my head.

Work tasks have been completed. When I walked out of my office today I felt at peace.

We have faced a little glitch. Our hotel reservation in Tenerife has been incorrect since the wrong dates were Wade. Now, we have plenty of options with the best one being sharing a room with my mom. Hey, you do the crime, you gotta do the time! :) Right?

Nothing will matter except for the wedding and all the activities that go with it.

Today - the day before we drive to Seattle, is getting off to a slow start. Sleeping in, snuggling with the dogs. Then breakfast for Wade - he'll be busy wrapping up things at work. Me? Laundry, house work, a little grocery shopping for Jesse, and yard work.

To take my computer or use my brother, Mark's computer: That is the question. So many things to think about. So little time. Better get busy.

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