Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gastronomy with a perpectual......

woody. That's what Anthony Bourdain said about the food in Spain.

So now, with time only for just 6 meals, where do we go? What do we choose? Thanks goodness my brother, Mark, has spent time in Madrid. At least he has an idea where to go.

So what makes Spain a unique culinary experience? History. You see geographically Spain has been seen as a gateway, settled nicely between Europe, Africa, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the land was prime and many governments wanted to control it.

The Greeks, Romans and Moors all kept residence at one time or another leaving behind their culinary points of view that survive to this day.

Add then the richness of the soil and the arid climate the result is excellent growing conditions for not only grapes and olives but a plethora of other produce as well.

During my trip last December to Mauritania I learned that the country imports MOST of the food that is prepared in homes and restaurants. While the chefs do their best to create fresh dishes, the fact that the food is hauled in over land and sea diminishes it's quality. This in NOT going to be the case in Spain as the land itself produces a bountiful harvest.

While it is impossible for me to describe all the foods I will have a chance to explore, suffice it to say, my taste buds are anxious.



gazpacho soup

Fire Roasted Piquillo Peppers

And to drink:


Spanish Rioja



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