Monday, January 3, 2011

Time Keeps on Slipping into the Future

That good ole Steve Miller! He has provided me with a theme whenever one speaks about time and how fast it moves. I guess, like an eagle into the sea.

As we start a new year I can't help but reflect on all the 52 new years I've seen come and go. I always thought that something magical happens in that split second between 11:59 pm at midnight on the 31st of December. I have such great expectations for this moment and yet nothing magical has ever happened. Ever. Yet each year I have such big expectations.

Without going into much detail, I sit here reflecting on the past and projecting what will happen in the future. As a middle-aged woman with a fantastic husband and three marvelous children, what kind of regrets do I have? Lots. Some regrets are of my own doing and others persist because of the decisions someone made on my behalf.

Nagging thoughts haunt me in the quietness of life where I have to find the strength to overtake the doubts and turn them into lessons.

Finding ourselves in a new year should be joyful. People write about how happy they are that 2010 is over. Face it, for many people around the world 2010 was unkind and relentless. I can't even begin to fathom the loss that many people have faced. People I know have faced illness, death, pain and depression. In comparison 2010's struggles have been just a bad hang-nail.

God tells us that we can not know the future. Really the best we can do is live each life one day at a time and live it to it's fullest.

So for this new year I plan to do that. Live. Love. Eat. Pray. I am thankful for the life that I have. And as long as I have wings I'm gona fly like an eagle. To the sea. And be free.

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