Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Abbott family name continues...sort of

On August 4, 2010 the name of Abbott is given a reprieve. Marcos Ramon Abbott is born.

In my family until this day I was the lone provider of children. By choice or circumstance, my three kids have been the only children to exist on my side of the family.

When my brother Paul married Sonsoles Fdelapuente in August of 2009, we entertained the possibility of adding to the cousin/nephew/grandchild population.

The result? Marcos Ramon Abbott
Fernande delapuente. That's his Spanish name.

Meeting little Marcitos (he's named after my younger brother Mark and Sonsoles' father, Jose Ramon) was amazing! He's such an animated child. He connects with people, he's happy, only fusses when something is wrong, which isn't very often.

Paul and Sonsoles are doing a great job raising their little boy.

We all got a good dose of Marcitos prior to Christmas. They arrived in the states on December 8th. There was NO way we could wait till December 26 to see them (okay, Marcitos) so we arranged a gathering at my brother Mark's house.

Brenna got some great photos, Jo (my sister) got some great videos and we all fell madly in love with this new little Abbott.

His mom speaks Spanish to him and his dad speaks English. When all is said an done he'll also speak French, the language his parents use to really communicate.

The best Christmas present we could have is that it appears the family will be settling in San Diego as Paul has a job waiting there for him. Right now an airline ticket costs $268.

Look out hometown, I'll be seeing you soon!

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