Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Only Thing Consistent About Life

(Posted October 2, 2011 - began writing August 28.)

Several years ago George Fox decided to undergo an evaluation of employee's job descriptions. Each staff and administrator was required to complete a survey regarding their job. In preparation for this task we were asked to attend an information meeting. As an introduction to the meeting the Human Resources director asked "How many of you like change?"

I was the only one who raised my hand.'s something you can count on happening in life. Just when you think you have everything all figured out change comes knocking.

In my adult life I have embraced change. For me, change is like a gift. Something new in life that makes the day-to-day mundane....well, different. What's wrong with mixing it up a bit! :)

Even when the change is not good, it helps us to look at things differently. Change pushes us away from the perspective we've been accustomed to and gives us a new view.

I believe if we embrace the change, the new view, we will grow. Being stuck in the 'mud' is not something that excites me.

Wade has a new job. And he loves it. For the first time in many years he feels respected and valued for his experience and his degree.

Granted, the rhythm of our life has changed. Especially for him. He doesn't have the freedom to hit the park and play his guitar in the afternoons. The time we now have together is primarily on the weekends. But he isn't distracted by his job, nor does he hop down to the office for a couple hours.

I am thankful beyond words for the change in Wade's life right now. And even though we are walking to the rhythm of a new drummer, I am liking the new moves.

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