Monday, December 6, 2010

Wind and the new dog park

'Leaves racing down the road with reckless abandon.'

'Frolicking like children without adult supervision the leaves swirled and tumbled in the wind.'

I love wind. Wind makes me happy. Growing up in Southern California is the culprit for this affinity. As I child I remember the warm Santa Ana winds that invaded our yard, but rather than leaves it was tumbleweeds that danced out in the barn yard. I loved the warm air that captured your breath and added strength to it's force. Nothing bad really happened during the Santa Ana winds: except the year our Avocado tree fell.

So this past Saturday was especially wonderful as the winds in Newberg kicked up to blow away the remaining leaves from the trees and dry up the wet ground. It was a perfect day to inaugurate the new dog park in Newberg. The wind was colder than the Santa Ana winds but my breath left me several times, the lagging leaves danced and the dogs had fun.

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