Monday, December 6, 2010

A dream is a wish your heart makes

A year ago this week (December 12 to be exact) my heart was made full with the arrival of Roxy.

I don't remember a time when I didn't want to be the owner of a Jack Russell Terrier. Not a Parson Russell, although they are the diluted brand of the same dog.

Wanting and owning one were two different things as Jacks need space to run and play - something I was not able to offer.

Then Ruth bought Jessica a little ball of Jack Russell fluff and Lulu became the lust of my desire. Dreams that I'd long ago set free came back to taunt and tempt me.

Mid-November I met "Rachel." She was a breeding female (bitch to you dog people) at a very nice kennel in Woodinville, Washington. Deals done and transfer complete Rachel is renamed Roxy and with my sweet husband's permission we added a female dog to our duo of boys.

Now a year later I walk 2 miles a day and look for places to go play ball. Fetch is Roxy's favorite pastime. I discovered a nice dog park in McMinnville - 20 minutes away. What a great place for us all to play!!! New training opportunities, new friendships...TONS of fun. And fetch.

A few months ago I heard that our local recreation organization was opening a dog park. Since Wade has connections (he's on the city council) I soon was the keeper of all the details.

Admittedly I did harass the Chehalem Park and Recreation staff.

On Thursday afternoon I saw the notice on CPRD's facebook page. Friday morning Jim McMaster phoned me with the good news.

Saturday at 9 am we (Fonzy, Murphy and Roxy and I) made our first visit. We went back later that afternoon. We arrived again on Sunday. Have already made friends with 'Tuckers' parents and little girls - Hazel and Violet. I love the dog park! <3

When my children were young I loved playing with them Of course fatigue kept me from giving them my all - and all the housework that lay before me.

In the time I wait to have grandchildren I am enjoying this dream come true.

Happy Anniversary Roxy!

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